Eastern Veneto: characteristics and typicality of soils

Is it true that the composition of the soil determines the character of a wine?
The special characteristics and typicality that each wine is able to express in the glass derive from the soils in which the vines grow and develop over the years.
In our territory, i.e. the extreme eastern part of Veneto, vines grow on soils of a clayey nature, rich in minerals, characterised by a thin surface layer of calcium carbonate, known as Caranto, of alluvial origin due to the contribution of detrital material from nearby rivers.
These soils also have good water retention capacity, a notable positive aspect in times of drought.

So, how do our wines express the terroir in the glass?
Elegance, Freshness and Minerality.

These are the three elements that our wines have in common, the result of the combination of the composition of the soils and the microclimate that characterises our production areas, and our production philosophy that is expressed in the phases of transformation of the grapes into wine.
Minerality is one of the main peculiarities of our wines, especially the whites, perceived as a mineral sensation that can be traced back to stone such as silica or flint, or even as marine salinity and hydrocarbon, capable of giving a pleasant taste persistence.


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